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In addition to cupping, it can also be used for quick and painless scraping and massage therapy, which is a smart choice, allowing you to enjoy three services for the price of one.


  • Smart and Safe: The built-in advanced temperature control chip ensures a constant temperature. Smart operation detection, after 20min continuous work, will trigger the AI protection system and shut down automatically to protect you.
  • Rechargeable: Our electric cupping massager has a built-in high-capacity lithium battery, charged using a USB cable, with a long battery life, fully charged once, and can cupping massage 7 times. The body is small and lightweight, easy to carry, so you can enjoy a professional spa massage anytime, anywhere, to help you relieve fatigue.
  • Warm Tip: After cupping, it may leave traces similar to "bruises" on the skin. This is a normal skin engorgement phenomenon and will not cause any damage to the skin. It will disappear naturally after about 3-4 days. Skin congestion helps break down scar tissue.

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